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Concussion and Brain Injury


This course covers the effects of a head injury and looks at the damage that can occur to the brain. This course is suitable for individuals events such as Boxing, Rugby and other contact and no contact sports

Anatomy and Physiology


This course is ideal for anyone wishing to understand how the main bodies systems work and are ideal for anyone in sports, first aid, medical and other sectors. 



Learning how to use them is very easy, this video course covers the basics on CPR and AED use so that you can have the basic skills to use a community AED in an emergency.

Health & Safety for the Healthcare Industry Level 2


The healthcare health & safety course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in health and safety awareness. It is designed to meet the Health and Safety regulations and covers regulations, precautions, planning, risk assessing, PPE, individual sectors and much more.....

Medications Awareness


Storing, Handling and Disposing of Medications training is required in many sectors including the care industry to ensure that all staff have a basic understanding of the important rules when handling medications.  This course gives you the knowledge to understand the legal framework and how the organisation's policies and procedures reflect the legal framework, for safe handling of medicines

Care Certificate


Since 2010, the Common Induction Standards (CIS) have been a key part of the early training for all adult social care staff.Induction training in the care sector provides a valuable start to care, workers, new jobs. The problem has been to have a course that covers enough content to meet the standards in a flexible format.  This course covers the eight standards using informative videos and when used within work training and experience you can easily meet these standards.

Dementia Awareness


The aims of the course are to have a wider understanding about Dementia, signs and symptoms, causes and treatment, and how to communicate to dementia patients and engage them in activities and develop strategies for intervening with challenging behaviours and communication difficulties.  

Oral Care


The course covers general oral care and looks at special groups such as the elderly, Dementia patients and people with learning difficulties. This online course offers practical skills, guidance and advice to increase your confidence in caring for these individuals. Through a series of videos, we will look at how to maintain someones oral health and overcome barriers you may face.

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Mental Health in the Workplace - Level 1


Learn online now with our level 1 video online course in mental health in the workplace. Learn about mental health conditions that can be identified in the workplace and learn how to signpost them.

Mental Health in the Workplace - Level 2


This online course builds on the level 1 course and is ideal for all employees to give them a better understanding of mental health in the workplace.  We also offer a level three course for managers and those who need a higher level of training.

Mental Health in the Workplace - Level 3


This Mental Health in the Workplace course is ideal for those who need further training and is ideal for managers. The topics covered include understanding mental health, how to recognise mental ill health problems and supporting an employee with mental health-related problems.