Speciality Courses

Buccal Midazolam Rescue Medication Training


The is a 3-hour course, and certificates last 2 years as per recommendation by the Joint Epilepsy Council. The course covers different types of Epilepsy and Seizures and the medication using Buccal Midazolam. It also covers the side effects, effects, dose, record keeping and after treatment care.

Rectal Diazepam Rescue Medication Training


Basic Epilepsy care is in some first aid courses but this course is aimed at those who need more advanced Epilepsy training that includes the administration of rectal diazepam as well as the treatment and types of seizures. 

Anaphylaxis Rescue Medication Training


.The course covers the use of Epi-Pens, Jext and Emerade as well as recognition of signs, treatment, concerns and activating the EMS as well as care for the patient. We have a 100% classroom course for this and the certificate is valid for one year.

Observations - Taking, Recording and Action Plan


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SEPSIS 6 Infection Awareness Training


Learn about SEPSIS and observations taken to recognise the start of possible infections with a patient. Few conditions have such an ability to affect any patient, presenting to any facet of healthcare. If we’re to save lives, everyone needs to know their role. Spotting sepsis requires vigilance, robust systems such as NEWS, and excellent pathways of communication and response.

Dementia Awareness For Care Staff


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ECG`s - 3 and 12 Lead Electrocardio-graph interpretation


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Major Incident Trauma (MIDT) training


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Tourniquets Haemostatic Dressings


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