Assessment of Skills for the Care Certificate


Qualified Skills Assessors

Assessment of the Care Certificate requires experience and a thorough understanding of the subject being  assessed

Our assessors are competent, qualified and have direct experience in of the care skills units for workplace assessment.

Our assessors are Registered Health Care Professionals (Paramedics and Nurses) and hold Care Skill Standards Assessor qualifications


In-house Assessment

All assessments can be done at your premises/work place while you carry on with normal day to day work. None of your daily business or clients needs will be impacted during these assessments.

 All students receive a booklet/portfolio to fill in over the 12 week period to meet the standards for Care Skill Certificate.

Assessment of all 15 Units

Assessment of all 15 Units

Assessment of all 15 Units

Your staff can complete all 15 unit standards through our assessment process within the recommended twelve week period. There certificate can then be applied for; this could be in time for the next CQC inspection showing that your business meets there expectations and standards. 

Individual Unit Assessment

Assessment of all 15 Units

Assessment of all 15 Units

Do you have certain units missing, we can assist with assessing your missing units allowing you to gain that Care Certificate. Our staff can allow you to demonstrate your skills at your work place. We can facilitate this at short notice allowing peace of mind for you and/or your staff.